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Monday, 16 January 2012

❤ Murmur❤ The Year 2012❤

Hi peeps :)

Had i mentioned that my favourite number is 2?


i personally liked this year's figure


Just beautiful,

Don't you think?

No matter is it true or not about the end of the world,

I hope this year means something special for me...


I m also turning 21 this year :))


Officially going to be a grown up...

( please ignore my nonsense...@@)

I started my year with the sweet Pei Qi's bufday,

Happy lovely 20 ❤

The best thing of a new year is,

the feeling of you can start everything all over again :)

Seems like everything seems full of hope,

and you get the motivation to plan what are you going to achieve thru the year...

I too started a workout plan with babe siewteng,


we are like soooo determined to get our ideal bodies this year :)))

phewit....I want that body myself >.<


there are like tons of weirdos,

their actions are just...



just stay cool and don't get involve in it,

i don't want to get into sticky stuff these moment...


Is it wrong to be rational in a relationship?

Seems like something changed from the day you wanted me back,

you still don't think you are equally wrong...


i m tired of analyzing every problem...

i just want to feel something right now,


passion, trust, sweetness of something...

I don't want to be in it because i should,

but because i Want to...

If you think that i m special,

treat me as one...❤

Do not take everything for granted...Again :((

By the way,

why people always take advantages on me?

It's so not right,

Some so called friends or even the ones that aren't really frens,

but still,

not nice lah....


So people,

try to treasure people around you,

especially the one that made you smile ,

and enlighten your day,

treasure everything,


Life is beautiful

**So fat...!! Can i cut my face into half?


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